Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome 2011!!  I am sure that you hold many more adventures for the Carlson Family :-)  What was most exciting about this New Years was that Cam and I got to spent New Years Eve TOGETHER!  Yes, in almost 5 years of us being a couple this was the first New Years Eve spent together.  And we shared the night with our Navy Family....eating to much food, enjoying adult beverages, playing the Michael Jackson Wii game and laughing - a LOT. 

Unfortunately, Cam did have to work on New Years Day.  So I ventured back over to the Miles for dinner...which was wonderful - as always ;-)  We also went shopping at Home Depot, which I know Cam is sad he missed, but I got a new chandelier for the dinning room....super excited!  And hopefully while I am gone Cam will put it up!  Yay!

Gone again...where am I  I am always gone these days.  Since we have been married, Cam is not the one leaving, it has been me.  We have been married almost 8 months and I have been gone for almost 3 of those months!  And by the time our 9th month wedding anniversary comes around it will be 4 months!  Almost half!  It does make me a little sad, but it also lets me know that we appreciate our time together more, that we support each others careers and that we can function independently of each other.  For those of you who have known me B.C. (Before Cami) you know how important my independence has always been to me.  And I can honestly say that Cameron has always support of the many reasons I love him!

So while I am gone this time - I have left him a Cami Do list....Please.  No 'Honey Do', I was told he would not respond to that.  Sometimes he is so when Leighanne and I baked cookies for Christmas and he told me if I made anything other than Gingerbread MEN he would bite their heads off.  Really Cami?  Sometimes you are so silly.  But that's why I love you!!

So more than likely my next Blog will be from good old Japan. 

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