Thursday, December 30, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Not that anything ever goes as planned, but this holiday certainly was interesting! Cam and I headed North to spend Christmas in Mass. The trip started off great...we left one night after work and stopped outside of D.C. to spend the night at breast's. We ate at this AMAZING cheese and wine was fabulous!  Sarah's roommate Colleen joined us and we had a great night exchanging gifts and hanging out.  The next day we tried to get an early start...but you know me and that rarely happens :-)  But we ate a good breakfast at IHOP and headed on our way.....

We should have been at my parents house that night...but I had a bug of some sort and was so so so sick that Cam and I had to pull over for the night in Conn.  But we finally made it to Mass on Thursday...yay!

Christmas Eve is always an event...first there is church at 430.  Which of course by the time we arrived was packed!  And naturally we left late so we stood for the entire hour plus for mass and the pageant.  But it is a tradition I enjoy.  Next we headed home to open some gifts were we had left my brother since he had waited until the last minute to finish his final for his online class.  Then the tradition of visiting to vova and vovo's...then to my cousin's house - Laurie, Jerry and Cassie......and lastly to my aunts!  Cam was a bit overwhelmed to say the least.

Christmas Day was a lot of fun...waking up early and opening all the presents under the tree!  And then a big family lunch at my parents house.  Then the snow came!!  Not exactly a white Christmas but pretty close.  And as a result we ended up spending an extra day in Mass.

Since we've been home Cam and I have already enjoyed some of our new toys: a Wii Fit and Michael Jackson's experience.  Thanks mom!  :-)

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