Friday, December 17, 2010

Holiday Party

Last night was Cam's Christmas Party and our night of 'Mandatory Fun' for the night.  Cam was the EMC for the night and he did a great job keeping things moving.  And lets be honest....he is a big ham and so he loved it too!  And although it did snow all morning long here in turned to rain and the roads weren't too bad so we made it.  Unfortunately, Cam did not do a very good job at making sure we left with a prize...but its ok I guess. :-)

Unfortunately it does not look like we'll be going to a Christmas party for me this year.  With such a small department and working from just wasn't in the cards.  :-(

On a happier note I finally got all our Christmas cards out this week.  I felt as though I was never going to get them out!  Especially since Cam and I really tried to take a 'family' photo...with Sneaky.  Although he did not completely love his collar with bells that we bought him specifically for this photo.  He was more pissed at having to be held against his will for 5 minutes while we tried to take the shots.  Needless to say none of them came out nicely at all.  Yesterday I even tried to put the collar on him and take a picture so you can see his Holiday Spirit.....but he's just got too much fur!

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