Tuesday, December 14, 2010

O Christmas Time

Now that the holidays are here its time to decorate,entertain and enjoy!  I think I have grown to enjoy the holiday season more as I've gotten older.  Especially getting our tree and decorating it.  I think that is by far my favorite.  Last year getting our tree was certainly an adventure.  We had to tie it to the top of the Limo (for those of you familiar with my little white sable, you know she can handle it ;-).  Well the tree stayed on top of the roof long enough to make the 2 mile trip back to our apartment parking lot...before it slide off!
But this year...we smartened up and just stuck it in the trunk!  What a sight, but luckily this year we were even closer to our home.
So this is a lovely picture of our tree all setup and decorated.  The mantle with our stockings, even Sneaky our urban panther has one.  And you will probably notice the monstrosity of a TV we have....that would be Cam's Christmas present. 

Here are some other touches we put on our home.  Mind you only the downstairs...the upstairs....still a work in progress :-)
Hard to see here but here is my real wreath and a beautiful bow that my friend Leigh Anne helped with.  We all know I'm no Martha!

An overview of our dinning room.  And the beginning of all the Christmas cards. :-)
My advent wreath and notice the delicate touches.  Snowmen salt and pepper shakers, a vase with cinnamon (image it) scented pine cones and gold accent pieces with real cranberries.  Are you proud mother?

This was really the pride and joy...lets be honest.  Nothing says Happy Holidays like a well stocked house.  Oh ya, and I'm pretty proud of my candle/vase setup.

Don't mind the dishes.  But look there is the panther!!  Its feeding time.

The only thing missing is the snow.  Cam and I tried to decorate the outside of the house, but got discouraged when we could not find an exterior outlet.  Not to mention without the snow...I think the decorations outside look silly.  Hopefully when we head to Mass for Christmas we'll get a little snow.

So that's basically what we've been up to.  I'm enjoying being home for a little while before I head out again after the holidays.  We've been decorating, going to parties and hanging out with friends.  Here is a picture of Cam and his two roommates on the ship at our little Christmas cocktail party last weekend.

There is a lot of love there.  (Austin, Wilson & Cami)  Notice how we wives stayed out of the picture ;-)

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  1. Aww, so pretty! Our tree was pretty until Cassie redecorated it for us, you'll see it when you get here. There will most likely be some snow here for you. It's going to start snowing Sunday and won't stop till Tuesday night!