Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Newest Addition to the Carlson Family!!

It has taken some long discussions, some convincing and lots of waiting.....but it was so worth it!!  I just haven't decided on a name yet...but there's still time :-)

I think I look good in it ;-)  This is our new baby a 2007 Ford Edge AWD.  A bit of a step up from the "lim."  But we finally decided that no heat, no ac and an engine that sounds like its about to drop.  It was time for CC to get a new baby!  And I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sasebo Burger!!!

One of the big things to eat in Sasebo is the 'Sasebo Burger.'  Apparently started in the 1950s by a sailor, the hamburger caught on and now there are several Japanese Burger joints competing for the best 'Sasebo Burger.'  Naturally...I had to indulge...and indulge I did.  Check out this MASSIVE thing!!!
This burger is 1/3 lb with a fried egg, the most delicious thick slice of bacon, lettuce, American cheese, ketchup, mayo, some special sauce and tomato.

I ate at the 'Log Kit.'