Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Japan - I made it!!

I did in fact make it to Japan, although it was touch and go.  I was however, packed and ready to go several days before I left (Friday).  Which is pretty impressive for me :-)  Although the trek Friday morning to the airport was another story...my flight was at 615...me being the intelligent woman that I am, thought I should be at the airport for 530....well on my boarding pass it said boarding - 539.  Hmmmm....guess I should have read the fine print.

Well I ran into the terminal, barely said good bye to Cam.  Luckily there was no line at the counter so I ran up and the man asked me questions like 'Why did you wait until the last minute Ms. Carlson.'  'Your bags may not make.  You may not make it.'  I was like - "you are shitting me right?"  So he checked me in, I ran my bags to the x-ray machine and preceded to run up the escalator to the concourse.  For those of you familiar with Norfolk Airport - lucky it is very small.  Comparable to Burlington, VT airport.

So there it was, the line of people waiting at security.  Oh crap!  I politely asked everyone in front of me if I could go in front of them since my plane was boarding in 10 minutes.  (I arrived at the airport at exactly 530)
Luckily everyone was feeling nice that morning and let me go in front of them.  Then I had to tackle the line to walk through the x-ray and my carry-ons.  I spotted this elderly couple taking their time, and after asking politely if I could jump in front they agreed.

Shoes off, laptop out, belt off, jacket off, put ID and ticket away - push things onto conveyor belt - walk through x-ray - pick everything up in my arms and throw my backpack on and RUN to the gate.  Yes I ran in my stocking feet holding my jacket, laptop, shoes and whatever else there was in my arms.  And then I ran from gate 13 or something to the very end of the hallway gate 28.  To walk up to my boss sitting there playing on his iPhone while I was sweating and not quite fulling clothed.  What a freaking sight I was!!  I only regret that I had no one to film it so I could watch later for my own entertainment :-D

Then I waited at the gate for about 15 minutes, boarded then waiting on the airplane for at least 30 minutes while they deiced the plane.  Then the flight attendant spilled orange juice on my arm.  :-/ womp...wompppp...

And I was off for Tokyo!!!  Good news only one screaming child on the flight who only burst out occasionally during the few minutes I had actually fallen asleep.  Unlike the last 13 hour flight with 12 hours of screaming child :-)

Hopefully more entertaining stories to come while I am over here for the next month!

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