Sunday, January 23, 2011

China Town & Enoshima

Adventures this weekend included (drum roll.....) trips to Yokohoma where I visited China Town and down to the coast to an island called Enoshima.  China town was fabulous with all the weird food vacuum sealed and puffy balls filled with anything and everything, and then smaller balls filled with soybean paste (see below).  Which I actually is yummy.  Very filling however.  They sell what my co-workers and I refer to as 'dangles.'  Basically small whatevers (animals, food, types of sushi, characters...etc) that hang on a string and you attach to your cell phone.  Apparently the more you have the cooler you are, oh and the bigger they are.  LOL  I have seen some big 'dangles!'

One of the 4 Entrance to  China Town

Temple in China Town

Puffy Ball - each individual one is filled with meat, soybean paste, squid, basically anything and everything.  They are steamed in each of these circular wooden containers.

Sesame Ball - D.E.L.I.O.U.S. filled with soy bean paste

The awesomeness of plastic food!  So outside of ALL the restaurants in Japan, in their front windows they have displays of all the dishes they serve.  Everything is represented with plastic food.  I think it's a great idea!  Especially since I can not read the menu, I have had to go outside before with the wait/waitress and point to the item I wanted.  Works every time ;-)


Another beautiful place.  It is an island located slightly south west of Kamakura and in the summer time the coast is filled with surfers although the weather here has been warmer, there were a few windsurfers out but not many.  I walked up the island and then down the other side of the mountain so I could sit out on the rocks that formed tidal pools out towards the ocean.  What a spectacular view!
 Tidal Pools
Tidal pools and view into ocean.

Dragon temple of some sort on the top of the mountain.

And finished out the day with some green tea ice cream...yummy!

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  1. So glad you are blogging your trip! Love & Miss You!