Monday, November 29, 2010


This year Cam and I decided not to travel for thanksgiving.  Instead we did our own turkey and invited over a couple of friends.  Cam had his heart set on deep frying a a couple of days before thanksgiving we headed over to Home Depot and came home with an 'oil less' deep fryer...???  Yes, oil less.  It cooked the bird with infrared (apparently its all the rage with newer grills).  But it was certainly just as juicy and delicious as if it had been deep fried...and much better for us too!

We even got to use our new china and silverware!  Just like grown-ups!  And in the back you can see some pretty flowers Cam sent me :-D  And don't worry our little sneaky cat enjoyed some turkey as well!

Then of course I went shopping on Black Friday.  Seeing as my family is crazy and have done it forever!  I can not let such a tradition die - so I went!  It was productive and not actually as crazy as I remember it being.  I had no problems finding a place to park and the deals were great!

To end the Thanksgiving events, we played some touch football on Saturday with the Miles and their family and the Gages.  It was a blast!

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