Thursday, July 21, 2011

Remember me?!

Greetings!  So I know it has been a long long time since I last posted and I decided this was long over due!

I am once again traveling in Japan.  Since the last time I was here during the Major earthquake that hit the East coast of the main land Japan on March 11.  During this trip I started in Misawa, Japan which is approximately 250-300 miles north of Tokyo.  Although the base I was on was about 15-20 miles inland the surround town I visited one day to work at had been affect by the tsunami.  As we drove down along the coast our driver pointed out areas where the tsunami came up and over the trees and into the city.  I can't imagine what that was like.

Having asked around a bit, I also found out that many people had no idea that the tsunami was coming.  After the earthquake communication and much of the power was out.  And since earthquakes happen anywhere and everywhere, I guess it wasn't necessarily the case that there would be a tsunami.  In the event that you would suspect there might be a tsunami...the only thing you can do is get away from the water.  Even on base the only procedure is to make sure everyone is OK and accounted for.  Its just part of living in Japan.

It is truly amazing the way the Japanese people have come back from the awful devastation and carry on with life.  Now that I am in Yokosuka, South but much closer to Tokyo than the beginning of my trip.  The people here continue to be affected by the 9.0 earthquake.  They are still short on power and in some areas the residents have gone into voluntary blackouts, in an attempt to avoid mandatory blackouts from the power companies like those that occurred immediately following March 11.

What a selfless and socially aware society!  I mean really, would this ever in a million years happen back home...I think not.  Here it is a way of life, end of story.  Which makes me truly appreciate my time here.  This being my last trip, it has allowed me to reflect and think about all the wonderful places I've had the opportunity to visit, the magnificent food and the special memories I'll have forever.

I hope that in the future I can bring Cam here and and show him around ;-)  I do have high hopes that I'll be back since I have been unable to cross of Kyoto and Mt Fuji during any of trips...both places on my bucket list!

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